About Us

Welcome Adventurers to our humble store! 


Bardic Inspiration UK is a small company based out of Scotland and Northern England and run by friends Luke and Mel.

Having met through cosplay and the geek scene and sharing a love of TTRPGs and roleplay games, we thought what better way to help spread our love of this hobby but by helping to supply others with some of the tools of the adventuring trade! 


Meet the NPCs


Mel not only runs the majority of the social media for Bardic Inspiration UK but also orchestrates all of our orders and (very exciting) paperwork as well as being the craftperson behind all of our hand sewn dice bags and wooden accessories!

Favourite Dice style - The more glitter the better

Favourite Candle Scent - Step of the Wind

Favourite 5E Class - Paladin or Cleric


Luke is responsible for the graphic design for our packaging and stickers, organises and dispatches your lovely orders and also makes our lovely hand poured soy candles and scents.

Favourite Dice style - Dice Goblins love all their shiny number rocks equally!

Favourite Candle Scent - Necromancer

Favourite 5E Class - Depends on mood, but I'll multiclass everything with a rogue if the DM lets me.