Necromancer - Eau de Toilette Spray


The room fills with with smoke from the swinging censer and there is a gentle crackle of candle flame, the Necromancer finishes their chanting and the party breathe a sigh of relief. The Fighter will be stable until the Cleric arrives.

A rich and smooth sandalwood infused with mystical frankincense, geranium and suggestions of rosewood with a middle note of rose and a hint of lilac resting on a base of patchouli, cedarwood and intense Oriental amber..

These eau de toilette sprays are perfect for popping in a bag and keeping fresh throughout the day or even to use for freshening a room.

Containing 50ml of scent in an amber glass bottle. All bottles are sent out with screw cap for safety while travelling, a spray pump will be included in your order for you to switch out upon receipt.

Please check out the allergens info if needed at