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Dice Starter Kits

Our Dice Starter Kits are perfect for someone starting getting into TTRPGs. They include:

Mystery Dice Bag (worth £5) - Includes a full mixed set of poly dice, D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12 and D20 AS WELL AS a bonus die!

Hexagonal Dice Tray (worth £7) - Perfect for making sure your precious number rocks don't go flying off the table during combat! They unsnap at the corners to lie flat for storage and travel. Matching colours as shown.

Gerblin sized Adventurer's Bag (worth £8) - Holds at least 12 full sets of dice so perfect for the budding Dice Goblin. Made of matching colour duchess satin as shown with ribbon drawstring, bead detailing and a felt lining to protect the contents.

Dice Starter Kit Colours available:


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